NEW Set Filter on Suspenses for X number of days in JenesisNow!

We have added the ability to set a filter on suspenses for X number of days in the future. Any questions? Email us at!  

Building a Strong Brand Identity for Your Insurance Agency

When you decide to buy something, you probably search for a company you know, right? Like most consumers, you want to buy from a business with an established reputation, is easily recognizable, and gets excellent reviews. The same goes for your insurance agency. For people to see your agency as the first port of call […]

Strategies to Boost Your Insurance Agency’s Online Visibility

How visible is your agency online? Can potential customers find you easily by searching social media or Google? Or do you get more telephonic queries than website and Facebook visits? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you should increase your online visibility to meet customer expectations. Online visibility isn’t just about having a presence […]

NEW Removing and Attaching Clients via Email Integration in JenesisNow!

We have added the ability to remove any email message from email integration from a client profile for agency admins and from a client from an email message by any user in their own mailbox. We have also added the ability to associate any message from the mailbox to a client. Any questions? Email us […]

NEW Improvements to Receipts in JenesisNow!

We have improved the way receipts look when they are printed, emailed, or texted by the agent so that everything looks better and fits nicely on the page. Any questions? Email us at!    

How Our Insurance Agency Management Systems Can Reduce Your Workload

The most identifiable challenge in the insurance industry is its continuous evolution. This makes it hard to stay ahead of the curve and keep customers and carriers happy. From managing client data to ensuring compliance, the demands on your agency will only keep increasing. Fortunately, there is a way to reduce the stress these demands […]

NEW Changes to the Policy Version List in Jenesis Software!

The Policy Version list will now more accurately reflect how a change was made – by the user or by the system. Email us at!

How Insurance Agency Management Systems Can Help Simplify Regulatory Compliance

It’s not always easy for insurance agencies to stay compliant with industry regulations. Not only is there a barrage of rules to follow, but insurance regulations seem to evolve continuously. However, you won’t be able to plead ignorance if you don’t stick to the rules. So, how can you ensure that your insurance agency stays […]

September 2023 Product Updates

  Changed the buttons on adding a note and viewing a note to have a standard project color scheme. Reduced the suspense saved message from 5 seconds to .5 second. Realigned “add to note” from the note card. Removed the periods from the verbiage on the cards to the right of the client main screen […]

NEW Ability to View and Print All Certificate Holders on a Client!

We have added the ability to view and print all certificate holders on a client in JenesisNow! Any questions? Email us at!