NEW Split Coverage Screen Feature in JenesisNow!

We have moved some of the coverage sections to fit the screen better and to make for a better user experience. Any questions? Email us at!

What is JenesisWeb?

What is JenesisWeb? Meet the Jenesis Marketing Team and find out if JenesisWeb is right for you!     Any questions? Email us at!

4 Tips For Handling Uncomfortable Conversations

For many insurance sales agents, speaking to customers is a breeze. Most sales agents get into a sales career because they love meeting new people and helping them solve their problems. But there comes a time when insurance agents must have uncomfortable or downright awkward conversations with their customers. The conversation may happen because of […]

NEW Underlying Policies for Umbrella Policies in JenesisNow!

Updated Personal and Commercial Umbrella screens to pull information for underlying policies from matching policy types on the client. Any questions? Email us at! 

Increase Your Website’s Authority with Google E-A-T

Your insurance agency website’s success largely depends on its ranking on search engine results pages and the strength of its backlinks. Weakness in these areas means low rankings and decreased visibility. Website authority can be improved using several methods, the most effective of which is Google E-A-T, or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. E-A-T is a […]

NEW User Profile Feature in JenesisNow!

A User will now have the ability to upload a profile photo in the User – > Profile – > Preference settings.      

What is JenesisNow?

  Meet the Jenesis team and figure out just what JenesisNow can do! Any questions? Email us at!

Local Citations — How Can Your Insurance Agency Generate Them?

A local citation is a mention of your insurance agency online. Local business citations include information about your agency’s location and contact details. They form part of Google’s algorithm and serve to prove that your agency is credible and has a good reputation. When your agency generates a lot of online citations, it also positively […]

Using Technology to Enhance Your Insurance Sales Process

Technology in insurance agencies is no longer a luxury but a business necessity. When you look at the speed at which AI transforms several industries, your agency cannot afford to stay behind. Are your agents tracking quotes and storing customer information using an agency management system? Do you have online tools that provide analytics for […]

NEW Integration with Lightspeed VoIP Feature in JenesisNow!

We are excited to introduce the new JenesisNow integration with Lightspeed, a Fully Featured Phone and Communications Platform + Automated Sales Performance Tools that let you be amazing. When a customer calls your agency, JenesisNow will automatically open the customer’s profile for you. Pretty awesome! Any questions? Email us at!